New Volkswagen Polo 2009 02:24

New Volkswagen Polo 2009

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2009 Volkswagen new Polo news, pictures, and information Key Aspects: The New Polo World Premiere at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show

Fifth generation Polo brings new dimension of quality ...

Astroid SUI Part 5 - Other Features 01:00

Astroid SUI Part 5 - Other Features

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The last video in the Astroid SUI series. Shows the Straighten command, the Pan/Zoom control mode, how to program Astroid buttons and the help documentation.

Testing Video 00:3400

Testing Video

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This is a test video by

Foam RC F-117 with BOMB! (Funny) 05:44

Foam RC F-117 with BOMB! (Funny)

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Get the F-117 HERE! Our F-117 is our best seller. Its very easy to put a bomb dropper on this one. Get the PDF plans and make your own for a few bucks! See the links abo...